NATIONAL CAREGIVER COURSE (Certified by American Caregiver Association)


The Caregiver Training will educate the candidates with extensive knowledge and understanding of providing support and care to elderly people, toddlers, infants, and people with special needs. It opens vast opportunities to explore for the interested in the field and no one wants to risk the lives of their loved ones. There is a huge demand for trained professional caregiver in many developed countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, and UAE.

Immaculate Training Services is authorized training service centre of American Care Giver Association (ASA), the established and respected certification program across the world. We enable the candidates to adequately prepare to take on the tremendous responsibility and challenge of being a professional caregiver for those who in need. We believe in preparing our students for the future and industry ready. The trainers are professionally qualified to fulfill the expectations of the trainees and support them to at all times.

This course begins by introducing you to the roles and responsibilities of caregivers in their regular duties. The candidates will study the legal and ethical aspects involved in performing caregiving duties. Being a Caregiver, you need to be humble and compassionate to the people in need. The candidates will learn on how to communicate with individuals with disabilities, stress management, body mechanics, and organizational skills. This course will make the candidates understand the purpose of observing, reporting, and documenting. The candidates will learn the importance of cultural awareness, gain an understanding of the ailments and illnesses that may be encountered, including their treatment and prevention.

With our holistic teaching approach, we prepare the students to work under pressure and enables them to take prompt decisions which are vital in performing their duties. A single wrong decision may lead to disastrous outcomes. We help students develop the capability to take a quick decision as the situation demands.

If you have an inherent caring nature for people in need, then this is the right profession you are looking for. Help people by becoming a professional caregiver. Get enrolled with Immaculate Training Services for a passionate career.

Learning Outcome:

  • 1. To ensure that students understand the basic responsibilities of being a caregiver.
  • 2. To provide students with the basic tools and information they need to be successful as a caregiver.
  • 3. To provide guidance and insight into the caregiver industry and the demands of being a caregiver.
  • 4. To make the caregiver course as enjoyable thought provoking as possible.
  • 5. To ensure that students understand the core principles and values of the ACA.
  • Learning Objective:

  • 1. Create safe, healthy and stimulating in home/ workplace environment.
  • 2. Provide care on common human diseases
  • 3. Provide nutritional services to the clients
  • 4. Respond to work place emergencies that needs medical help
  • 5. Carry out first aid services
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