Certified Health & Safety Officer

Who Should Attend?

This Qualification is designed based on the directives of Dubai Municipality in order to equip the Health & Safety Office in Labour Accoumodations. The course is approved by Dubai Municipality.


Understand and meet with the Competency requirements of HSO - Implementing guidelines issued by Dubai Municipality for maintaining Health & Safety requirement in Labour Camps, Monitoring and ensuring compliance of legislation etc.

Course Content

  • Accommodations Environment and Its Relationship to the Laborers Health.
  • Relationship between residential physical space with Health & Safety of laborers.
  • Legal Pathways for Improving laborers accommodations buildings.
  • Laws / legislations and guidelines related to health & safety in laborers accommodations.
  • Green Cleaning Program Overview / Purpose of Green Cleaning
  • Services Provider Participation / Staffing / Janitorial training Requirements.
  • Green cleaning materials policy / Low environmental impact through cleaning equipment policy / Applying green cleaning according to the specifications.
  • Quality Control Measures / Indoor Chemical and Pollutant Source Control.
  • Explain the implications for transmission of infectious diseases among Laborers.
  • Isolation of infected laborers with borne diseases.
  • Identify shortcomings or deficits in the Laborer accommodations management system.
  • Maintain effective pest control system.
  • Maintain a satisfactory waste disposal system.
  • Course Duration

    Conducted in 20 Hours

    Assessment and Certificates

  • candidates must successfully pass a one-hour multiple-choice assessment (available in English).
  • On successful completion, candidates will be issued CERTIFIED HEALTH & SAFETY COURSE FOR HEALTH & SAFETY OFFICER IN LABOURERS ACCOMMODATIONS by awarding body.
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